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So.... Ramadan ended and the hilal disappeared. Eid ended too. Summer vacation ended. And school is after tomorrow.
I'm so glad everything ended yet , I'm not ready for anything to begin.
This school year is gonna be my last, and I don't know what to make out of it. It's just gonna be the hardest year, and I need to do my best, or more than my best, better than my best! <<< okay... that doesn't make sense.
My last entry wasn't posted completely as my iPad ran out of battery and I got too lazy to continue writing.
I'm somehow existed about school, it's better to have something to keep me busy, coz free time is dangerous.and hopefully ,it won't turn out so bad.
They changed our principle and I don't know how it's going to be with the new one, and there are different majors where you choose which one is for you. There's medicine, science, engineering, and business management . I choose engineering at first ,then my friend wanted to choose medicine coz eventually in collage she'll be studying medicine, but she wanted to be in the same class as me so she was going to choose engineering, but her mother won't let her, and she tried to convince her mom, but nothing worked, and I'm undetermined about what I want to study in the future, so I ended up changing to medicine, although what I want is far from Medicine ,but that's how it turned out.
As I'm growing up, my way of thinking is changing. In the past I used to dream about the future because I wanted to run away from my present, but now I dream about the future, because I want the future, not to get away from my present. Now I can live everyday without daydreaming about the future, coz I realized that thinking about the future and ignoring my present, makes the future farther away from my reach, and just that thought gets me frustrated , so as a new school year resolution , I will live my life day by day without planing what's gonna happen tomorrow.

dad just got back from Lebanon yesterday, and went to Tajakestan in the morning for four hours and returned tonight, and about two hours later this evening, he's flying to the New York , not to mention a transit from Qatar to London to new York , but the trip is for two weeks, the longest time in one trip. A really tiring life he's having, although he docent seem to complain...actually he likes it, it was always his dream to fly all over the world, so it's good that he's happy, I wish him safe trips all the time. Although he's missing out on us growing, and mom is sleeping alone tonight....every night actually, but that's just the way it is, all you can do is accept it.
My iPad is running out of charge and I don't wish to write this all over again so that'll be the end of my post, and I'm probably not going to write for sometime because of school , but I'll be sure
to write about my first day of school.

Wish me luck, and more growing this year

I'm having my annual , first year cold. And it sucks!!


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