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so school year has started  a week ago.
its has been casual, too casual. it was like there hasn't been a vacation. and school was just a big mess, with the new principle and staff and system, it felt different, since most of the loveable teachers, even the vice principle ,that always shout at the girls in the middle of the school yard is gone. here place really shows. anyway it happened too fast, and we're already seniors.

today they redestrebuted and i choose medicine because of my friend. anyways the class is full, there are 30 students, all are super study geeks who are  crowding each other to sit in front raw,  but i got all my friends with me, but i didin't  feel comfortable there....its just i didn't like it, i felt upset. so in the break, we went to the vice principle so she'd put us in another room, because the class hot and crowded, and we couldn't see the board, but she said its only temprarly, she told us that all the other class are crowded too, but for engineering it only had fifteen students, so i just thought i really want to go there, although my friends don't mind staying in  that class, so for a moment i thought of dropping that thought, but i couldn't. i made a promise to myself not to repeat the same mistake again, and my friends are not gonna change majors to be with me, so why should i?
and i always wanted engineering, there was something about the SE (senior engineering) that i found appealing somehow. so i'm discussing this with mom, and my sister before i make it official.
my SAT are on the 9th, i hope i can ace it. this all feels crazy, being adults feels crazy.
so about the class...not a single teacher that entered the classroom without scaring the crap out of us. they all had a destructive speach ready to hit us in the face, not a single teacher gave us some encourging words.
so i'm scared of this year. i barely even had the time to post this entry, and i had to give up my afternoon nap >.<.
i'm getting tired, so i'll go lay down now.

wish me best of luck

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"my friends are not gonna change majors to be with me, so why should i?"

*clap* Go girl and good luck ~

thanx for being on my side

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