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I'm staying home today and skipping school.
so it's already the third week in school, time is flying by.
senior year so far is exauhsting.... i changed majors last week and i felt more relieved than before, although i'm miss my friends all of us together again, but it's all for the best, I'm paying more attention in class, and chemistry and biology are sooo easy, i can  sleep in class.....but i won't...... i have my SATs this satureday
although i wanted my senior year to be the best year of all, and i wanted it to be fun, but i don't think it'll be like that. but it's all good, i get to wake up with a smile on my face, i get to watch the  rainbow everyday on the sidewalk <<< watering the grass ,splashs of water + sun rays = Rainbow. and i get to watch all the pretty horses trainig in the morning<<< passing by the equestrian on my way to school...these little things in life that can make my day.

yesterday i woke up at 4:30 am, only 4 hours of sleep... i had a bad dream that woke me up crying, and i couldn't get back to sleep, so i prayed, then sat on my bed watchin the sun rising, then i headed downstairs to get ready for school. so when i got back from school, my head was about to explode, so i went streight to bed without having lunch, when i woke up i felt really cold although the AC was off and my body was hot and i had a chest pain, so when mom woke me up , she said i have high fever, so i went to the hospital, got my meds and got back home. when we got home, my older sister was there, so we sat together chatting and watching t.v.  after sometime my sister got a messege from my cuzin saying my friend was outside my door, i was surprised ,and she was waiting for a long time outside, so i didn't have time to change, so i ended up going with my unmatched pijama and my hair all messed up.... she didn't come in she just came to drop something off and she was in a hurry. it was a big gift bag  it had some cute cupcakes that she baked herslef, and a box with some gifts ( a cute bookmark, a frame, a necklace with a "happiness japaness "charecter, a watch,and something cute i couldn't discover its function yet) .  it was surprising because  it came out of the blue, and without a special occasion....but it really made me feel better. so i brought my phone from my room, and i discovered that she tried to reach me, but as usual, my phone wasn't with me. so i texted her, thanking her .

daddy came back from New York two days ago, i really missed him, i'm glad he came back safely.

so today i woke up feeling better, had breakfast, watched some t.v ,then did some worksheet for mom, and now checking updates on the internet. so now i'll have lunch with my family, do some studying, shower then sleep preparing for a better day.
so today is a beautiful day.


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