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I noticed that I never wrote something pleasant , all of my entries were that of complain.... So I came to complain again.

I also noticed how stupid and immature I was through my last journals.
Ok, so I'm here to complain about my life.
My grades where good this year... No not good , they were great !
I did my best, I studied hard. I didn't even haves proper time with the computer. It's just seems too harsh when your efforts are all gone to waste. What? It would make my parents proud?, Huh, where would that get me ?
The bubbly sweet world I was living in seemed soo beyond real life.
I was confident with everything I drew, no everyone was confident in everything I drew, I was so confident that I was getting cocky. Ahh chncha!!
So all my academic effort , and my " talent" have proven to be ...worthless , I have been rejected by two collages because of my drawings, and the other one because of the deadline, the forth because I'm a postgraduate, and the hits just keep on coming.
I have always dreamt of going away, becoming something big, I thought , " that's the only thing for me"
I was lost in my dreams, that I never even bothered considering rejection.
I was depressed at the first university , but I just shook it off,"maybe their standards are too high, or maybe because something is wrong with them" I thought. But as I kept facing rejection , I got to realize " it's not them it's me"
How frustrating to find out that everything you do is just... A waste of time. Waah I have been to confident.. Applying for elite universities.
So as a Qatari student with no place to go, I would go to the mother university of all lost student, Qatar university.
I keep hearing it's not really that bad, but looking at my high collages of choices, it's hard to accept it. It'll take time.

Is it weird that I don't want to go to graduation party? It's just that I'd have to wear a dress and high heels and act all pretty , I hate that. But what makes me really anxious to go is the graduation robes , I Love those, along with the cute hat, waah!
This summer vacation , I AM going to have fun.
So you should too.


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