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Hello dear journal, it's been quite some time.
So I come back today, writing the newest discoveries in my life.

It's been about two months since highschool , I got my result of my long and agonizing year, To be honest I was a little disappointed, but since I got better grades than others, I was thankful, I got 92.9% that's 93%, so it is considered very good for senior students.
I attended graduation party along with all my friends, I wore the graduation robe and cab, and I had fun, we took pictures , everyone was dancing, and it was fun seeing the teachers all dressed up.
But now that I graduated highschool I came to realize that I miss it already, so next year I won't get the feeling of first day, checking who's in your class, looking at freshmen acting out of place, or going to the cafeteria , and being late for class. It'll be different this year, I know they say collage is the best period of anybodies life, but I'll miss highschool.
As for university , I got accepted in Oxford Brookes university in the U.K , Im still waiting for my parents to decide, since I decided to go, I only need the permission now, but my dad is taking so long, I just need an answer, even if it's a no. So I'm just putting QU and OB on hold for now, although I really need to finish all the paper work and stuff.
I think after this loooong time of thinking there would be a big fat NO, but you could never know with dad, so unpredictable .

Now as for my summer vacation, I just got back from turkey two days ago, the trip was too long and got boring at sometimes, but I had fun , people there are so nice. As for shopping there, it was fun and I wiped all the stores clean!! I bought about five handbags and eight shoes, four of them are black, and not to mention clothes, I returned with an overweight luggage and a handbag.
It was a relief coming back and visiting our grandpa's, and to find secret garden airing on Korea tv, I was so happy.
I'm currently watching heartstrings, and I watched an episode of Miss Ripely in turkey, then I wanted to continue watching it in Doha but " NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION" !!! I got so pissed, so I'll keep watching heartstrings for now, it was kind of boring at first and so typical , but it's getting more exciting ,but the episodes are incomplete so I'll have to wait for 1 episode each week. I'm thinking of watching anime, but I don't have one in mind yet.

So now it's Ramadan , I need to leave everything behind and just read Quran.
And since that last chapter of my life ended and a new chapter is about to begin, I'll change my journal layout, maybe it'll encourage me to write more.


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