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Long time no see!
I decided to update no one whose reading my journal on my life, although I feel it's a waste of time, but just to clear my mind.

University is starting this Sunday. And I'm not going to the UK to study, although my parents allowed me, but I think I'm not ready yet, once it becomes serious you kindda see the whole picture, and the whole picture wasn't a very pretty picture, so I'm staying...

This summer vacation had been the longest vacation I've ever had!
We start summer by going to Makkah, then to Turkey and lastly to Dubai. It's been nice, I can't say it was fun, was nice.
So Ramadan passed and Eid passed, but I don't feel like I've done anything, I don't feel accomplished , but I did watch a lot of dramas like City hunter, Lie to me, Myung wol the spy, sungkyunkwan scandal, and lastly The princess man, so I had my time with drama.

Collage is about to start, I don't know if I'm ready yet, but it's gonna be different than highschool.... I miss highschool <<< took me 3 years to realize how great it is. But I hope University will be fun too.

I haven't posted for a while now, I think I'm forgetting how!
Now I use my Twitter more, it's kindda short and fast ,so it's a quick way to update on my life at the moment, so if you want to follow me , This is the link ,!/ray979
Be sure to check it out.... Nobody.

So this was short, I hope everyone who's reading this journal is happy and have a nice day.


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